QashBack is transforming the traditional retail and services industries by introducing the world's first decentralised reputation management and permission-based marketing platform powered by Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics and blockchain Smart Contracts.

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Consumers Now Check Online Reviews Before Making Decisions

"97% of consumers looked online for local business before making a decision."
BrightLocal Survey 2017
"94% have avoided a business because of an online review."
2018 ReviewTracker Online Review Survey

And Hence Lies The Problem...

Polarisation Bias

Online reviews tend to over-represent extreme views, resulting in highly polarised views that are extreme positive or negative.

Fake Reviews

Widespread fake reviews threaten the usefulness and credibility of online reviews as barometer of online reputation.


Potential conflict of interest inherent to the business model of review sites where there are incentives to sell advertising.

Privacy Control

Reviews submitted by users reveal information about them, but the users have little control over these sensitive and private information.

The QashBack Solution

A consortium platform for different applications to share in the user pool, data pool and content pool in a trustless and autonomous environment through the introduction of world’s first decentralised reputation management system:

Master token for the clearing and settlement of cross-industry application transactions.

Reward based reviews to incentivise consumers to share their experiences with merchants.

Behaviour based promotions utilising artificial intelligence and algorithm to provide targeted offers to consumers.

Permission based advertising with privacy rights controlled by consumers and rewards for opting in to the advertising network.

Our Value Proposition


  • Cheaper consumption via rebates and discounts offered on QashBack platform.
  • Full control over personal data privacy and contextual advertising.
  • Rewards for viewing advertisements and participation in other merchant promotions.


  • Faster accumulation of online reviews to enhance online reputation for better commercial impact.
  • Access to customer data on platform for lower user acquisition costs.
  • Faster development cycle and go-to- market, leading to lower financial risks.

Our Competitive Advantage

Protocol Platform

Easier, Faster and Cheaper to start new lifestyle applications or integrate existing one.

Network Effect

Leverage platform membership base of several merchants worldwide to cross-sell or earn referral fees.

Token Liquidity

Immediate rebate to consumer wallet for payment, redemption or conversion to fiat money.

System Design & Architecture



Core Services


Founded by Seasoned Team with Over 100 Years Experience

Michael Tan


Seasoned entrepreneur in hi-tech industries.
Over 20 years business consulting and investment experience in Asia, dealing with MNCs, SMEs and startups.

Chan Fook Meng


Legal professional with over 30 years practice.
Was one of the founders of UniLegal LLC and a partner in a few law firms. Specialises in corporate law and M&A transactions.

Tim Langdon

Business Development Australia

Certified Finance and Treasury Professional with more than 30 years experience in currency markets and M&A.

Karl O’Shaughnessy

Sales & Marketing Australia

Finance professional with over 30 years experience, spanning global banking and hedge funds industries.

Richard Chow

VP Product & Technology

Senior IT Executive with over 20+ years experience in the ICT industry developing and managing complex IT infrastructures and technical solutions.