QashBack is transforming the traditional retail and services industries by introducing the world’s first decentralised reputation management and permission-based marketing platform powered by Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics and blockchain Smart Contracts. 

QashBack is able to overcome the current flaws in existing online review systems by leveraging on the characteristics of the Ethereum blockchain and the QashBack Token (QBK). This combination allows QashBack to provide a trustless ecosystem in which users on the QashBack Platform can book their purchases from merchants and submit their reviews while merchants interact directly with the users by way of customised promotions and loyalty programs.

QBKs are used for all transactions on the QashBack platform. Consumers use QBKs to pay for goods and services provided by the merchants on the QashBack Platform, while merchants use QBKs as rewards and discounts for their customers. In this way, QashBack is able to provide merchants with improved cross-selling opportunities and direct engagement with the consumers.

QashBack Platform Features

QashBack Platform provides an ecosystem which allows interaction between the customers, merchants and reviewers with the following features:

Reward Based Reviews

Customers will be rewarded with QBKs by merchants for taking the effort to share their experiences on the QashBack Platform. The use of incentives will significantly reduce the polarisation bias that is systematically introduced by the current online review system. The customer will be rewarded, regardless of whether they submit a positive or negative review. Without the polarisation bias on the QashBack Platform, customers can be assured that the online reviews are credible and consistent.

Behaviour Based Promotions

With permission from the customer, merchants will be provided with information that have been processed using QB’s Artificial Platform (“AI”). This  information will enable the merchants to offer promotions that are contextual and tailored to meet the needs of the customer.

Direct Customer-Merchant Engagement

Merchants will use QBK tokens as incentives to encourage customers to participate in certain activities, for example to accept invitations to enter a contest or to take up a marketing promotion. These create opportunities for customer engagement and customer loyalty, yielding further ways to improve customer retention.

Permission Based Advertising

QashBack Platform will reward consumers who agree to let their information be used for advertising by sharing part of the advertising revenues received. Consumers will also be rewarded for watching advertisements by participating merchants on the QashBack Platform.

The QashBack Solution to the Existing Problems

QashBack leverages on the characteristics of the blockchain and smart contract in order to deliver the above mentioned features and correct the flaws of the current online review systems.

The blockchain makes all transactions on QashBack Platform transparent (meaning any changes are publicly viewable by all parties) and immutable (meaning they cannot be altered or deleted). The use of the smart contract gives certainty to the execution of any agreement, subject to conditions agreed in advance and embedded into the smart contract. For example, because the smart contract is used, the reviewer is assured that the merchant will reward him for posting a review as agreed, regardless of the star rating or quality of the review. The same goes for the agreement to reward users for viewing advertisements.

The Qashback platform is superior to all other solutions available out there in the market. The QashBack Platform makes it easier, faster and cheaper to start new lifestyle applications or integrate existing ones.