The QashBack reputation management platform aims to connect consumers, merchants and advertisers through a trustless ecosystem utilising blockchain technology. By using the QashBack platform, consumers are able to book goods and services provided by merchants and submit their reviews. Merchants can also interact directly with users by way of customised promotions and loyalty programs. 

Creating a Win-Win Ecosystem for Both Consumers and Merchants

Users on the QashBack platform are rewarded with QBK tokens, the ecosystem’s own cryptographic token for submitting reviews, regardless of their views.  

With permission from the consumer, merchants can offer QBK tokens as an incentive to encourage customers to participate in contests, view advertisements or take up a marketing promotion. 

How the QashBack System Benefits All Parties Involved 

Implementing the QashBack business model, the platform offers the following benefits to consumers and merchants: 

For consumers who sign up: 

  • Rewarded for creating online reviews, regardless of whether the reviews are positive or negative; 
  • Rewarded for watching advertisements and promotions sent out by merchants;
  • Rewarded for participating in activities organised by merchants, including advertisements and other promotions or loyalty programmes;
  • Able to use rewards awarded by merchants to be used at another member merchant, thus increasing choice; 
  • Pay less for goods and services, as merchants save on middle-men costs and pass on savings by the way of discounts and rewards;
  • Enjoy attractive selections from merchants who have been empowered to customise their offerings; 
  • Control over personal information protection and over advertisements to receive. 

For participating merchants: 

  • Able to reap the benefits of Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence technology without having to develop their own platform;
  • Able to use reviews generated on the QashBack platform as an accurate indicator for their online reputation and target their responses accordingly; 
  • The QashBack ecosystem acts as a direct marketing channel which allows merchants to interact directly with customers, using QBKs to encourage participation; 
  • Ready made loyal programs as merchants can use QBK tokens to directly reward customers; 
  • Access to valuable aggregate data about customers; 
  • Access to wider pool of customers; 
  • Targeted marketing of goods and services based on time, location, consumer behavior etc.;
  • Lower advertising and promotion costs as QashBack allows direct channel to a large audience.