The QashBack Vision

Our Vision

To be the world’s most consumer-centric lifestyle platform, where consumers’ privacy are in their own hands, and they can discover and conduct transactions with full transparency.

Mission Statement

Connecting consumers, merchants and advertisers through an incentivised online reputation platform for transparent interactions and ease of mind on data privacy issues.

Career with QashBack

Our world is transforming at a breakneck speed and is now at a major turning point. Technology is the key enabler to this transformation and drives the new disruptive business models, business operations and outcomes. We now have this incredible opportunity to fulfil the tremendous potential that no humans before us have achieved.

This is the vision that we have for the future. Come join us in this incredible race to the future and create the future together.

QashBack is an exciting blockchain startup that is a disruptive force in a traditional industry. Be part of a team that is tearing down the silos in the consumer industry and putting forward new processes and technology to enable the continual growth in our world.

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