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There are currently 6 available positions.

Content Writer


Edit and manage the company’s blog, including maintaining an editorial calendar and scaling our content generation process.

Community Manager


Build and manage the company’s social media profiles and presence, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Medium, Telegram, Slack and Google+, and potentially additional channels. 

Back-end Engineer


Design and build new features from the ground up, crafting UIs with front-end engineers and building backend systems with Python and Solidity.

Front-end Engineer


Design and build new features from the ground up, creating beautiful and enjoyable interfaces in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. We use tools and libraries like React, Angular, Webpack, and Karma.

QA Engineer


Learning the product, understand the design of the feature and design test cases accordingly, especially be able to construct end-user scenarios. 

Product Designer


Think and discuss deeply/critically about user experience, from the tiniest details to the product as a whole.