Community Manager

Community Full-Time


  • Build and manage the company’s social media profiles and presence, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Medium, Telegram, Slack and Google+, and potentially additional channels. 
  • You will work closely with our Content Marketing Team to create shareable content appropriate for specific networks to both spread our brand, our content, and links. 
  • Working with our Content Marketing Team, you will act as an extension, assisting in the connection with journalists and reporters, which can result in increased coverage for the company. 
  • Listen and engage in relevant social discussion about our company, competitors, and/or industry, both from existing customers and leads and from brand new audiences that don’t yet know us. 
  • Run regular social promotions and campaigns on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. 
  • Have metrics in place to track their success – ranging from Twitter conversations, Instagram contests, and link building with blogs and websites relevant to our brand. 
  • Drive consistent, relevant traffic and leads from our social network presence. 
  • Find new opportunities and strategies to reach out to our target audience, by keeping a pulse on the industry.


  • At least 3 year of social media marketing experience, managing communities on channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.
  • Active and well-rounded personal presence on social media, with a command of each network and their best practices.
  • Excellent communicator and creative thinker, with an ability to use both data and intuition to inform decisions.
  • Have some familiarity with scheduling tools.
  • Resourcefulness, and the ability to connect people and stimulate discussion, remaining firm but empathetic.


  • An understanding of paid social media programs and platforms. 
  • Experience with graphic design and comfortable using certain graphic design tools.
  • Experience in the blockchain industry and ICO.